Saturday, September 11, 2010

Heaven Sent...

Hey everybody, it's me, Charlie...and I might have some pretty good news! I've been staying down here at Hy Hopes until my foster mum gets back from England. I haven't minded it at all...I have my own bed, and I've enjoyed the quiet time to stop and catch my breath after all that's been happening in my life. I am being a very good fact, I overheard Pat (the boss-lady here at Hy Hopes), say that i'm one of the best behaved rescue dogs who's ever been here.
Anyway, on Friday I met someone really special...and I think she thought I was pretty special too. Everyone was very surprised (and some people cried, but I'm not tellin' who), when I liked her as much as I did. Yup, I sure did like her. We were both smiling alot and she was giving me the best ear-rubs!!! I put up quite a ruckus when she left, yes I did. I hope everyone was listening because I was telling them that she's the one...she's the one!!!

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